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Virtual Consult
Telemedicine Platform

Our Connected Care cloud-based technology allows providers to extend their reach with secure live video consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary and specialty care physicians as well as provider-to-provider consults.

Your Brand
Our Technology

The Connected Care platform is a private label solution designed to carry your brand. You deliver the care, we give you the tools. It’s that simple.

Focused on
Healthcare Providers

Our Connected Care technology has been developed from the ground up with healthcare professionals in mind. We provide the technology, you decide how best to leverage it.

On-demand and
Scheduled Consults

The Connected Care platform delivers telemedicine capabilities to providers for ongoing and emergent patient care.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the utilization of modern telecommunications technology to provide remote, interactive healthcare services. Through nearly any web enabled computer, tablet, or smart phone, our telemedicine technology connects patients and healthcare providers in ways never before possible. SnapMD's secure, cloud based telemedicine platform is paving the way for more efficient diagnosis, treatment, and communication between healthcare providers and patients. Live, encrypted high-definition video, voice, instant messaging/chat, medical imaging, and remote diagnostics are all a part of SnapMD's telemedicine technology solution.

Who Benefits from Telemedicine?

Everybody benefits with the implementation of telemedicine technology as a component of healthcare delivery. By virtue of telemedicine technology, healthcare providers can extend the reach of care, improve outcomes and reduce operating costs. Health insurance providers have the option to drive their members to a more cost-effective and convenient channel for low-acuity healthcare needs, reducing their financial outlays, and even lower member premiums. Patients get a wider choice of providers, better access to care, and a new way to save on their out of pocket healthcare costs.

How is SnapMD Part of the Solution?

SnapMD is at the leading edge of telemedicine technology development and we believe that quality telemedicine software platforms can increase the quality and reduce the cost of healthcare worldwide. We also subscribe to the goal of the "medical home" and the ethos that healthcare should be directed by clinicians working in close partnership with their patients. This is why we have designed our telemedicine platform to be extremely flexible and allow each healthcare provider to use it in the way that is best for his/her patients. We are a healthcare software company and will never be competing provider of healthcare services.

What is the Future of Telemedicine?

The ultimate goal of telemedicine technology development is to empower the “Medical Home”. The "Medical Home" model is based on the idea that a comprehensive coordinated approach focused on quality and safety will yield the best patient care. SnapMD's telemedicine platform allows patient-centered, team-based, diagnosis, treatment, and communication to become reality for any healthcare provider. Our technology encourages providers and care teams to meet patients where they are and to better manage a wide range of conditions.

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