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mobile telemedicineOur healthcare system requires continuous innovation to ensure high quality, convenient and affordable care to satisfy demand by a growing population. SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform is a new innovative solution to help providers launch telehealth programs in order to serve their patients better and more efficiently.

SnapMD’s VCM technology is a cloud-based telemedicine platform offered as a SaaS solution that connects patients directly with their health care providers. SnapMD helps health care providers increase and extend access to care, while aligning patient needs with the most appropriate and cost effective provider.

SnapMD’s telemedicine platform allows patients to access care, no matter the time of day, nor distance to their provider. Consultations are delivered via our HIPAA compliant and encrypted live video, audio and messaging platform. Further, SnapMD can be accessed via smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers or other Internet enabled devices. No special hardware is required for the patient or the provider.  Its all in our cloud based software!

The VCM cloud-software enables healthcare providers to connect directly with patients needing time-sensitive consultations and follow-up medical visits. SnapMD can also facilitate physician-to-physician consultations when additional expertise is required and can create virtual medical clinics enabled by smart-devices deployed with diagnostic peripherals.

SnapMD VCM platform provides both individual and family health accounts with individual profiles for each member of the family including a personal health record, medical history, consultation history and other health record resources. Providers can access patient health information during a consultation, prescribe pharmaceutical products instantly, and rapidly record each patient encounter with a refined consultation report. Our system was built for ease of use by patient and provider alike.

The VCM telemedicine platform is also supported by an administrative application that allows healthcare providers and your administrative personnel to easily manage their responsibilities for scheduling and delivering care. Our entire system is created to wrap around standard administrative practices in medicine and the systems you already have. We can integrate your enterprise EMR data into our system to provide consistent data quality and improve the patient experience.

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