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The Problem

The delivery of healthcare in America is in crisis. A significant and growing shortage of pediatricians and primary care doctors continues to make access to care a challenge for patients of all ages. There are counties in America without a single physician, no less a pediatrician. When the Affordable Care Act injects millions of Americans into the insurance system in January of 2014, access to care will be stretched to its limits.

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Our Solution

The healthcare system requires innovation to ensure patients are seen by the appropriate and qualified providers at the right time in the correct setting to receive high quality, convenient and affordable care. SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management telemedicine platform is a new innovative solution to help providers meet these requirements.

Virtual Care Management technology is a cloud-based telemedicine platform offered as a SaaS solution that connects patients directly with health care providers. We work with health care providers to enable them to increase and extend their points of access to care, while aligning patient need to most appropriate and cost effective provider.

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