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SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform allows providers to extend their reach of care by leveraging secure one-on-one live video, audio and text message consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary care and specialty care physicians. Our SaaS solution is a robust cloud based HIPAA and HITECH compliant communications platform developed to enable healthcare providers to directly engage patients remotely in a “virtual care” environment.

Using SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform, healthcare providers can conduct scheduled virtual consultations for patients receiving ongoing treatment. Providers can also conduct on-demand consultations to: help reduce avoidable visits in urgent-care or emergency room settings, provide remote medical services such as in-school virtual clinics, and collaborate physician-to-physician. With our “white label” VCM technology, healthcare providers have another powerful tool to help them extend their brand, reach-of-care and find efficiencies in personnel utilization while continuing to deliver high quality healthcare services.


As a cloud-based solution, SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform presents healthcare providers with a powerful enterprise level tool that eliminates the heavy burden of maintaining a locally installed native system while delivering all the benefits and security of cloud computing. Read more about how cloud data solutions are more inherently HIPAA compliant than local solutions by downloading this white paper.

Our VCM telemedicine platform is a SaaS offering delivering cost efficient licensing, platform access from anywhere, redundant backup and recovery systems, the highest level of data-center security and automatic software upgrades. We do all the work so you can focus on what you do best: providing the best healthcare possible to your patient population.


Our Virtual Care Management telemedicine platform was designed specifically for healthcare providers. As such, a priority for us is continuity of care. Our technology is integration-ready with a focus on flexibility. We will work with you to define the best integration strategy that meets your needs.

Claims System
An integrated claims system allows for digital adjudication to support payers.

Medical History
Direct EMR system integration. Platform conforms to HL7 standards and can also export/import data as CCR format.

Peripheral Medical Devices
Medical devices that generate an audio or video feed can be used with our platform (i.e. dermatoscope, stethoscope, otoscope).

Pharmacy Data
Import of PBM data allows providers to view up-to-date medication history.

Real-time calls are used to verify health plan coverage.

Health plan co-pay requirements are determined real-time and can be processed via our eCommerce function.

Consent to Treat
A HIPAA compliant authorization process giving a physician the permission to provide care.

Legal Guardian Authorization
Capture of Medical Power of Attorney for dependents other than children such as elder-care situations.


  • Consultation Scheduling
  • Payment Processing
  • Calendar Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Manage Patient Population
  • White Label Branding
  • Business Rule Administration
  • Role Driven Staff Accounts


SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform is a configurable cloud-based solution designed to scale with a growing business and clinical requirements. Integrated with external systems (EMRs, claims processing, e-Rx, etc.), our technology delivers a powerful tool to healthcare providers that will extend their ability to reach patients and find appropriate efficiencies.


  • Individual and Family Accounts
  • Manage Family Dependents
  • Patient Profiles / Medical History
  • Patient Self-scheduling
  • Archived Consults
  • Patient Traffic Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Post-Encounter Reports
  • High-definition Video
  • Patient-to-Provider Chat
  • Web App Mobile Ready
  • Patient Side iOS and Android Apps


  • Private Label (Your Brand, our Tech)
  • ePrescribing
  • Encounter Documentation
  • Patient Routing
  • Capacity Management
  • Patient Population Database
  • Health Plan Verification
  • File Sharing
  • eCommerce Co-pay Processing


  • Patient Traffic Management
  • Institution Account
  • Physician, PA or NP Profiles
  • Access Past Consultations
  • Automated Patient Queue
  • Reporting and Assessments
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • Data Marts & Analytics Reporting


  • HIPAA and HITECH Compliant
  • Quarantined Data Environment
  • Load Balancing Tech
  • Firewall with IPS
  • Geo Location Redundancy


  • API and SDK Library
  • Sandbox Environment for Development
  • Export HL7 Data Format
  • EMR Integration-Ready
  • Peripheral Device Integration
  • Insurance Eligibility Verification
  • Rx Data Integration
  • CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10 and SNOMED encoding
  • Bulk Upload Patient Accounts
  • Store and Forward

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