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4 mHealth Trends Demanding Higher Attention To User Experience

4 mHealth Trends Demanding Higher Attention To User Experience

The popularity of mHealth and Telmedicine technology is surging, as app developers and hospitals are working together to adhere to the high demand from users all around the world. “mHealth has been embraced by the entire healthcare industry for its potential to improve patient outcomes, increase productivity, and render cost-effective care.”

“MedDevice Online” recently put out a report about four trends that are making the mHealth industry surge:
1. A Rise In Patient-Generated And Patient-Owned Information: Users now have control over who gets access to their health information and what they want to do with it. “They’ll expect to manipulate and prioritize their data in any number of ways that make sense to them — for wellness, disease management, or just plain personal interest.”

2. Increased Focus On Cybersecurity Of mHealth Information: “The near future will include an intense focus on cybersecurity of health-related information. Not only will providers have to address their users’ expectations of privacy, it’s likely that they’ll have to navigate yet-to-be-developed regulations as well.”

3. Broadening Target Market Of Users: “The idea that mobile medical devices can encourage individuals to adopt healthier habits, reducing the need for costly medical attention, is a strong motivator for insurance companies to adopt. Remote monitoring devices could reduce trips to the emergency room and perhaps even prevent hospitalization for patients with chronic diseases.”

4. Analytics And Integration Into Existing Systems: “patient access to self-management tools” and “access to comprehensive data through patient-centered HIE” (health information exchange). Mobile health will likely play a central role in this application.”

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