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6 Tips for Your Healthcare App

6 Tips for Your Healthcare App

With the wide presence of smart-phone technology, healthcare professionals are developing apps to cater more towards their patients. In a recent article, Silicon Valley’s tech company, “Box” and the nation-wide known, “Dignity Health,” teamed up together to create 6 tips for your new healthcare app:

1. Personalize content to the patient: Make your content specific to the patient’s needs and concerns, rather than just generalized information.

2. Remember that the provider is viewed as a trusted source: You as the app developer are trusted by the patient for the content you put out there.

3. Get to the point: Studies show that an app is only engaging for the user for two to five minutes, so make sure you are addressing your main goals right away.

4. Develop the solution with daily workflow in mind: Include patient and provider dashboards when possible. And remember that providers and their staff need to have a good mechanism to deliver and personalize content

5. Align incentives: Allow doctors to be motivated to communicate with their patients by providing incentives.

6. Be clear about who your customer is: Make the app to your customer; i.e. develop the product with your customer in mind.

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