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Completing the Last Mile in Healthcare

Empowering healthcare administrators to more easily manage back-end functions

Administrator Interface

Intuitive. Flexible. Holistic.

Easy-to-understand dashboard.

Powerful permissioning engine.

Custom reporting tools.

Instant Insights

Intuitive dashboard provides single view into entire system

The SnapMD dashboard enables administrators to manage the entire system—from patient scheduling to traffic management to file sharing to reporting—easily and quickly.

Easily Controlled User Access

Flexible role assignments enable administrators to control users’ access to the system.

SnapMD’s permissioning engine allows administrators to define and assign roles to users so that access is properly controlled.

Easily Customized Reporting

Flexible reporting capabilities allow administrators to generate the data they truly need.

SnapMD’s custom reporting tools makes it easy for administrators to access data and filter it however they want. Plus, SnapMD makes it easy to export reports as Excel or PDF files, so administrators can continue to work on them.

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Exceptional User Experience

Easy-to-use interfaces for patients, clinicians and administrators.