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Are you in-the-know re mHealth?

Are you in-the-know re mHealth?

mHealth, what exactly is it? You see this term frequently while surfing the internet, but you don’t really understand its meaning. You are now in luck, as the mystery is solved in an article posted by Margalit Gur-Arie. Its Mobile Health, available from over 50,000 applications available at the Apple iStore. No more need to go wait in a doctor’s office for countless hours. You can experience mHealth from the comfort of your own home. “mHealth can attach itself to your pocket, your clothes, your wrist, your underwear, your skin, your eyes, and can even nestle comfortably inside your body. Health is always there, tirelessly working on your behalf, anticipating every muscle twitch, every thought and every desire you may have, providing you with healthy advice and support in your times of need, even in your sleep. mHealth makes it its business to quietly learn everything there is to know about you, so it can provide you with a level of personalized service.”

With all the latest technology and smart phones available, there is just about an app for everything to keep you healthy. Now go download the latest trend, and kick start your health for the rest of your life.

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