Big Tech Pursues mHealth Solutions

Big Tech Pursues mHealth Solutions

Three of the largest global technology leaders, Apple, Google and Samsung, are seeking to make their mark in the mobile and digital health space by pursuing mHealth solutions. There have been many product rumors surrounding each of these companies including Apple’s supposed “I-watch”, and the newly announced Google digital health platform, “HealthKit,” which is in the developmental stages, but all of them are moving into the digital healthcare space.

“The recent moves made by Apple, Google and others telegraph the huge opportunities for technology companies in the mHealth and digital health markets,” said SnapMD co-founder, George Tierney. “Although Apple and Google are approaching the problem from the consumer product angle, these new innovations, including solutions like SnapMD’s private-label Telemedicine platform,  all take aim at lowering the cost of healthcare.”

In a recent article, “How Apple, Google and Samsung Are About To Reshape The m-Health Landscape,” Bill Drummy writes about three changes that will significantly help your business in the long run when it comes to digital and mHealth solutions:

• Relevance at Last: Tying Healthcare to EHRS: “The smarter companies (and more visionary marketers) will want to get on the right side of this trend and build in data-sharing messaging and functionality to their disease management communications to HCPs, patients and caregivers.” Companies need to start these new developments now to start trending with these larger companies.

• Solving the Data Uniformity Policy: “Implementing a meaningful compliance or data-tracking program will actually become much simpler (and cheaper), while also becoming expected, if not mandated, in the marketplace.”

• Proof To The Payors: “Enter an mHealth program that uses additional layers of health data (well beyond simply counting steps and hours of sleep; the new generation of sensors will give us much more medically relevant data) to track patients’ vital signs and prove that the product is having a substantial impact on measures that correlate to greater efficacy and lower long-term risks.”

Tierney says that we are in the early stages of the digital health revolution. Healthcare is the last major industry to be impacted by the Internet and digital technologies long ago adopted throughout the public and private sectors. It is certainly long over due.

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