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Your Boss Wants Online Doctors

Your Boss Wants Online Doctors

In order for people to see their doctors these days, it generally means taking time off from work . . . and usually not just an hour or two. In many cases employees need to take a half-day or even a full-day off, depending on company policy, distance to the doctor’s office, and time required sitting in the waiting room. That equates to billions of dollars in lost production to the overall economy and a loss of time off for the employee.  How could the proliferation of  online doctors change the economic costs?

With the introduction of healthcare technologies like Telemedicine and mobile health apps, workers can now “virtually visit” their doctor or other medical professionals from the comfort of their own home or office. This is a efficiency increase for the employee, the employer, and the economy at large. WellPoint Health Benefits Company has introduced a Telemedicine program for their members that allows for telemedicine visits at a projected cost of $49 per visit. According to CNBC, “This could potentially be a huge cost savings. If you go see a doctor in-office, your cost can be anywhere from $150 to $200 for an office visit. It’s a big, big difference.”

“It is an uncontroverted fact that  telemedicine technology can be leveraged to improve care and reduce costs to the patient, the healthcare provider, and even the patient’s employer” says SnapMD co-founder and head of product development, George Tierney. “When a patient can see his or her own doctor via a telemedicine visit you see patient satisfaction rise. We see evidence of this every day via our private-label Virtual Care Management Telemedicine solution.”

With SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management Telemedicine platform, healthcare providers can launch their own, private-label, self-branded solution to serve their patients. To learn more about the SnapMD platform, please visit

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