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Learn more about telemedicine and SnapMD

What makes SnapMD different from other Telemedicine Solutions?

From its founding, SnapMD was built as an enterprise solution with all of the telemedicine capabilities needed by a wide variety of clinical departments, and to be fully integrated with the existing EMR and other systems within a health system. While other platforms were built for a single primary purpose, such as virtual urgent care, dermatology or other services, SnapMD was built to meet the needs of every clinical service line. So, it is not surprising that SnapMD leads the industry with over 25 clinical use cases in production today. Much of the focus of telemedicine has been in delivering medical services for low acuity conditions, but with SnapMD, services can be expanded to meet the needs of the chronically ill or those undergoing active treatment that require a truly integrated approach to care.

How Scalable is the SnapMD Platform?

As a hosted service, we are able to add additional capacity and new features quickly and efficiently. Our VCM platform is integrated with scalable and reliable network architecture. We do not need to add new hardware or network capacity for each new SnapMD client. This network architecture is hosted in collocation facilities with redundant network connections, servers and other infrastructure, enabling superior availability.

How is the SnapMD System Secure?

Data in transit is encrypted using 128-bit SSL and utilizing hashing techniques for protection of sensitive data. We additionally utilize AES encryption at the database layer to ensure that all sensitive data at rest is secured. End-to-end video feed security is ensured with AES-128 encryption and by design leverages Cryptographic Security Kernel, or CSK. The CSK offers a secure random number generator conforming to NIST SP 800-90 regulations, message authentication, and secure encryption and decryption. The primary use of the CSK is to provide cryptographic functionality to the SDK. The SDK takes advantage of the CSK library to create master keys, which can then be used to create a secure session key. Our technology is housed at a SSAE 16 SOC I Type II, PCI, HIPAA and HITECH-compliant data center.

How Do You Maintain Video Quality?

The frame rate at which our video technology runs can fluctuate in real time. Our system will adjust itself on-the-fly depending upon the bandwidth connection between all parties on a videoconference. Local video technology also influences the frame rate.

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