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Feeling the Boomerang Effect

Feeling the Boomerang Effect

At HIMSS2017 last week, we noticed the boomerang effect we had predicted was beginning to happen. Again and again, we ran into CIOs of health systems and hospitals who had initially outsourced their telemedicine service to industry pioneers like American Well and Teladoc and are now experiencing “buyer’s remorse” as they begin to realize that these service providers are competing with their own health systems and their participating credentialed providers.

These CIOs and others are recognizing that telemedicine is not a new healthcare specialty that they need to outsource to a service provider — it is simply a new method to engage patients, and it is best delivered by patients’ own healthcare providers. As a result, more health providers are choosing to take control of this service line back into their practice.

Taking control of telehealth doesn’t necessarily mean going it alone. Launching telehealth services requires a business plan just like launching a new outpatient facility or service line would. For example, opening an outpatient surgery center would require more than just building an operating room – there would need to be a prep room, a recovery room, medical staff, schedulers, etc. Launching telehealth services requires a similar infrastructure plan.

SnapMD built its software for just that purpose. Unlike the telemedicine service providers who compete with established healthcare providers, our sole purpose is to help healthcare providers to offer telehealth services to their patients under their own brand and using the clinicians they choose. But we do more than just provide telemedicine software. For health systems that want to outsource the management of their telemedicine programs, we can also provide a physician network that best fits their specific requirements using best of breed providers, not available contract physicians. Because we partner with multiple firms with different competencies, we can bring in the staffing resources that are most appropriate for a health system’s needs, with the highest level of quality and continuity of care.

To remain competitive in today’s healthcare marketplace, providers of all sizes need to find cost effective ways to leverage their medical staff while improving access to convenient services required by their target patient population. The benefit of using SnapMD’s VCM platform and services is that providers can utilize the best-of-breed telemedicine technology with their own credentialed staff to provide the highest level of quality that a vertically integrated model such as American Well or Teladoc cannot provide.

We are excited to help health providers who are feeling burned by the boomerang effect take control back into their practices.