Medical Practices Using Telemedicine To Reduce Healthcare Costs

Medical Practices Using Telemedicine To Reduce Healthcare Costs

With the rising price of healthcare delivery, telemedicine technology offers small and mid-sized healthcare practices a way to find operating new efficiency while extending the reach of care. Recently, The Small Business Subcommittee on Health and Technology conducted hearings to examine how Telemedicine technology is currently being leveraged by healthcare practices across the country.

Committee Chairman, Rep. Chris Collins, (R-NY) mentioned, “One of the best ways to reform healthcare and reduce costs is to allow the private sector to improve the industry through innovation and increased access. Telemedicine is the type of tool that does this, and we should fully embrace it. Some physicians and telemedicine advocates are concerned that regulatory barriers will keep this cost-saving and useful technology from reaching its full potential. Washington must work with the medical community to make sure technological advances, like telemedicine, are able to thrive so that they improve the quality and affordability of care.”

“Progress is being made on the regulatory front. Federal and state governments see the value of Telemedicine and other healthcare technologies that allow providers to extend care,” says SnapMD co-founder and head of product development, George Tierney. “The feedback we are receiving from our smaller and mid-sized practice customers is very positive. The customers that have proactively worked our telemedicine technology into their workflow are realizing operational efficiencies and getting positive patient feedback regarding access to their physicians.”

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