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NATO Partners With Russia and Creates Remote Medical Service System

NATO Partners With Russia and Creates Remote Medical Service System

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia are working together to develop a Telemedical system for multinational use. The plan is to put together a system with an international network of medical specialists from all areas of study, with the goal of increasing survival rates through telecommunication in remote areas. As Dr Raed Arafat, Romanian Secretary of State for the Ministry of Interior and the NATO Director for this project observed: “With a capability like telemedicine doctors can remotely decide which casualties can be treated on site and which casualties should be immediately evacuated. This will prevent the costly emergency evacuation of stable patients and allow doctors to know the vital signs of patients en-route, saving both time and money” in situations involving mass casualties.

The widespread use of Telemedicine will eventually reduce the high cost emergency rooms have to pay for injuries that can be treated without hospitalization. With this developing Telemedical system in Russia, remote areas, which do not have easy access to health care, will now have substantially improved accessibility.

While many nations have Telemedical systems already established, this project will be one of the first attempting to connect those systems on a multinational basis. 

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