Online Doctor Visits A Plus for Healthcare

Online Doctor Visits A Plus for Healthcare

Telemedicine is being enthusiastically embraced by insurance companies and healthcare providers alike. Online doctor visits are being made available to 4 million patients by Well Point this month, and Aetna will increase access their Telemedicine program to 8 million patients from the 3 million currently served. And St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Cincinnati recently launched a Telemedicine program supported by 315 clinicians. “More and more patients are comfortable seeing a physician online,” said Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Linkous of the American Telemedicine Association. “It’s an adoption process. They understand it, and use it.” With the healthcare industry shifting to a digital workflow, Telemedicine and Mobile Health convenient access to medical help for people all over the world.

“Insurance companies and healthcare providers push telemedicine because it saves money. The median cost for an ER visit is $1,223, according to a study published in 2013. It costs less than $50 to visit an online doctor.” Most Telemedicine and Mobile Health Platforms are also available 24-7, with accessibility from the comfort of your own home.

Despite such growing acceptance, physicians, state medical boards, and the AMA advise that many situations require more intense care than can be made available over the internet.  However, these exclusions are clearly acknowledged by the proponents of telemedicine and are confident that doctors will recognize when in person visits are required.

“Our healthcare provider partners understand that our telemedicine platform is a great tool for improving care, but that the technology isn’t appropriate for every patient interaction,” says SnapMD co-founder and head of product development, George Tierney. “At the end of the day the provider of care must determine whether a telemedicine consultation will be the most effective course of action for each patient scenario”.

SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management Telemedicine technology is designed for healthcare providers from the ground up.

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