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Completing the Last Mile in Healthcare

Empowering patients to easily manage their healthcare encounters

Patient Interface

Clear. Simple. Intuitive.

Easy to register, schedule and
manage encounters.

Robust engagement
with providers.

Complete access to healthcare records and other information.

Meaningful Encounters

High-definition video enables robust provider encounters.

SnapMD’s dynamic video capabilities ensure patients get the same quality of care as an in-person visit—simply, safely, and securely.

Easy to Manage

Flexible user registration features allow your patients to manage themselves and their family members.

The SnapMD interface enables your patients to set up their own user profile as well as the profiles for their dependents—so they can easily manage family encounters.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive user interface to access and manage your patient information.

SnapMD’s patient interface allows patients to easily schedule visits, make payments, review past appointments and access reports.

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Exceptional User Experience

Easy-to-use interfaces for patients, clinicians and administrators.