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PreDiabetes Centers Launches Virtual Care Management

PreDiabetes Centers Launches Virtual Care Management

PRWEB.COM Newswire, Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 28, 2014

PreDiabetes Centers, a leading provider of prediabetes testing and treatment, will roll out a new program that offers clients direct in-home access to the prediabetes physician and health coach using a web-based video conferencing system, which allows clients to meet one-on-one with health team members using a standard wired or wireless Internet connection.

PreDiabetes Centers is committed to providing innovative and convenient treatment options that use the latest in advanced information technology. The Virtual Care Management telemedicine system, a cloud-based solution that provides secure live video consultation between patients and their primary and specialty care physicians, is an ideal solution for connecting health care providers and patients who live in remote locations.

Created by SnapMD, a leading healthcare IT company, the telemedicine platform will enable PreDiabetes Centers clients to easily access prediabetes health team members to discuss important medical matters and is especially useful for clients who have a busy schedule and find it inconvenient to visit the treatment center for a consultation.

Using a web-based video conferencing tool will extend the reach of prediabetes care to clients who live in remote areas.

The video conferencing tool will be available to the Company’s Austin Center clients and will be rolled out to other Centers at a later date.

Telemedicine tool Virtual Care Management is an easy-to-use, Internet-based video conferencing platform that enables reliable and secure interactions between healthcare professionals and patients. It providers encryption to enable secure sharing of patient medical information or images. PreDiabetes Centers will use this platform for routine client consultations, though clients are still required to visit the Center for comprehensive blood draws.

PreDiabetes Centers treatment is based on cutting-edge biomarker blood testing to monitor metabolic processes and create personalized treatment plans that address each client’s unique health problems. The 12-month treatment program uses a variety of therapies to stop the onset of diabetes in people with prediabetes and early-stage type 2 diabetes, including hormone optimization, pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, an advanced nutrition plan, customized fitness, and sleep and stress modulation.

People who think they may be at risk for diabetes can take the Company’s online Diabetes Risk quiz or schedule a complimentary blood screening at a local PreDiabetes Center.