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Proteus Smart Pill Is Beneficial To Your Health

Proteus Smart Pill Is Beneficial To Your Health

The trend right now in the digital health and Telemedicine world is a “smart pill.” “Several have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, including a transponder containing a person’s medical history that is injected under the skin, a camera pill that can search the colon for tumors, and the technology, made by Proteus Digital Health.”

This new technology can save countless lives and millions of dollars. The smart-pill has been especially prevalent and helpful to elderly patients.

“Made entirely of edible ingredients, the 1-square-millimeter chip has copper on one side and magnesium on the other, and it is activated when it comes into contact with stomach acids. It’s used in conjunction with a patch, which is shaped like a large Band-Aid and worn on the torso. For five minutes after being swallowed, the chip sends out a unique 16-digit code that is picked up by the patch, which in turn beams the information to a nearby smartphone or tablet — where it can be shared via the Internet with family members, doctors and the company.”

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