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Completing the Last Mile in Healthcare

Giving providers all the tools they need to deliver high-quality care—virtually

Provider Interface

Intuitive. Integrated. Flexible. Streamlined.

Single sign-on access.

Robust experience
for patient encounters.

Flexible to accommodate
many uses cases.

Seamless Access

Single sign-on access saves time and frustration

Providers have single sign-on access, meaning they pass seamlessly from other applications directly into the SnapMD platform—eliminating the need to re-enter credentials.

Meaningful Encounters

High-definition video enables robust patient encounters.

SnapMD’s dynamic video capabilities ensure patients get the same quality of care as an in-person visit—simply, safely and securely.

Simplified Workflow

Powerful features and functionalities help providers extend their ability to reach patients and achieve efficiencies.

From plug-and-play diagnostic devices to easily accessible encounter documentation, from shared file viewing to enhanced collaboration between physicians and care teams, the SnapMD platform simplifies and empowers the provider’s workflow.

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Exceptional User Experience

Easy-to-use interfaces for patients, clinicians and administrators.