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Smart Pills Tracking Health Inside Your Body

Smart Pills Tracking Health Inside Your Body

Proteus Digital Health has come up with the next big thing in digital healthcare: a smart pill. Based out of The United Kingdom, the smart pill is designed to “text an alert when it enters a patient’s stomach.” Now how does this work you ask? “The pill’s one-square-millimeter sensor has no battery or antenna. It’s coated with copper and magnesium – two fully digestible metals already in our diets – in quantities far lower than those found in a standard multivitamin. The pill gets all the electrical charge it needs from a patient’s stomach. Each pill’s sensor has a unique identification. When the pill is swallowed, its sensor is activated by the body’s electrolyte charge. It then transmits a signal to a small, battery-powered patch, which the patient must wear on his or her torso. The patch detects the pill’s unique identification and sends a notification that it has been ingested, via Bluetooth, to a caregiver or physician’s smart phone as well as a secure database accessible to anyone authorized by the patient.”

This system will help the growing aging population as a general notification to doctors that the patient took the medication.

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