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SnapMD: 1.15 Release Notes

SnapMD: 1.15 Release Notes

Admin Interface Updates

New File Sharing Feature

Making forms and/or documents available to all Clinician or Patient users is now as simple as uploading to the appropriate folder within the ‘Files’ tab of the Admin interface.  Once you upload a file into one of these folders, it is automatically made available to all members of that user group in the form of a shared, read-only, directory.  Clinicians and Patients are then able to download these files or copy them to a directory of their own.

On-Demand Availability Schedule

The user-interface for the On-Demand Availability Schedule has been updated so that the full name of each clinician is now displayed.  Additionally, there is a color indicator to the left of the clinician’s name that matches the color of their schedule on the calendar view.

  • To view or edit a schedule, select a clinician from the drop-down in the left column (you can view up to 5 at a time).
  • To remove a clinician from view, click on the green checkmark to the right of their name.


In addition to bug fixes and overall performance enhancements, this release includes:

  • Updated Screen Design for Patient Account Activation
  • Improved ICD-10 Code Search Capability
  • Removal of SnapMD Branding from Browser Tabs

Known Issues

  • Average wait time on patient waiting list is not calculating correctly
  • Dependents display as caregivers
  • The following are known issues for this version of the VCM platform from the WebRTC client libraries:
    • Audio distortion issue on the iPhone 6s and 6s+ running in iOS 9.
    • Firefox:  If the user clicks “Always Share” when granting access to the camera, you can only use that camera. You cannot set the video source to another camera.

Important User Tips & Information

Browser Hard Refresh and Clear Cache

In order to ensure the best performance, we recommend doing a ‘hard refresh’ to make sure that your browser is accessing the newest version of your Virtual Care Management platform web pages and not old information stored from a previous visit.

The method for doing a hard refresh can vary between operating systems and browsers, so we have included instructions below for some of the most common scenarios.

Link to Wiki providing common hard refresh procedures:

Link to common procedures to clear your browser cache:

Local Network Requirements

Video Conferencing in Firewall and NAT Deployments:  SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management platform requires allowing access to its services over specific ports to function. A network administrator in your organization can configure these firewall settings.

Ideal / Recommended:

  • TCP port 443 open outbound
  • UDP ports 1025-65535 open outbound.

Video Requirements

The Virtual Care Management telemedicine platform is currently supported in the following desktop browsers (latest release):

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Mobile OS Native Apps – Patient Consultation Experience

  • Android 4.1+ (supported devices from Samsung, Google Nexus, Motorola Moto, and LG Optimus families. Also works on x86 devices.)
  • iOS 6+

Your patients can download the Virtual Care mobile app on their Android and iOS mobile devices, allowing them to use that device to connect to their established account and participate in live, virtual telehealth consultations with their associated service provider.

Virtual Care

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