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SnapMD Announces Key Communication Features to Enhance Provider-to-Provider Collaboration

SnapMD Announces Key Communication Features to Enhance Provider-to-Provider Collaboration

Virtual Care Management Platform 2.0 Upgrades to Also Include Advanced User Interface Capabilities via New Patient Landing Page

Los Angeles, CA- September 27, 2016SnapMD, a telemedicine technology innovator, today announced the introduction of an upgraded provider-to-provider consultation functionality to its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform designed to enhance workflow collaboration between physicians and care teams. SnapMD’s secure, cloud based telemedicine technology allows for more efficient interaction between physicians and patients, and with these enhanced functionalities, providers can now benefit from real time video, audio, and text chat with other care team members.

Accessible in a drop down menu directly from the header of the provider interface, the new consult functionalities can now immediately enable direct provider-to-provider collaboration. This upgraded functionally will give providers the providers the flexibility to eliminate the need for a patient encounter as a catalyst for the interaction when appropriate. Advanced communications notifications are also a key feature of this latest offering designed to ensure that no correspondence request is overlooked.

In addition to the enhanced consultation features within this newest release, SnapMD is also continuing to roll out its advanced 2.0 user interface. Elevating the patient experience through clearer, simpler engagement options, the look and feel of the patient landing page has been completely overhauled to make the patient’s options even easier to engage. Whether they are self-scheduling an appointment via a few simple clicks, or seeking on-demand telemedicine services for a more immediate need, the patient’s options are now clearer, friendlier, and more usable than ever.

“Since day one, SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management platform was designed with the end user experience in mind whether that be a physician, administrator or a patient,” said Dave Skibinski, president and CEO of SnapMD. “With the introduction of these latest feature and functionality offerings we are reinforcing our commitment to arming the healthcare industry with the most advanced care collaboration tools while also working to ensure that patients are receiving simple, streamlined access to the telemedicine services being offered by their providers, when and where they need it most.”

SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform has been widely regarded for its fully integrated intuitive interface, providing a robust experience for the patient encounter and a powerful back-end system that enables for truly integrated care delivery. These technology enhancements are a result of direct customer feedback coupled with SnapMD’s ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive telemedicine offering in the marketplace today.



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