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SnapMD Announces Key Product Release Updates for Its Virtual Care Management Platform

SnapMD Announces Key Product Release Updates for Its Virtual Care Management Platform

Enhanced 2.0 Functionalities Include Advanced Visibility for Scheduling, Rules Based Workflows and Expanded Single Sign-On Capabilities for Provider Applications

Los Angeles, CA- August 29, 2016 SnapMD, a telemedicine technology innovator, today announced that as part of the ongoing evolution of its Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform the company continues to make significant upgrades to its product features and functionalities. SnapMD’s secure, cloud based telemedicine technology allows for more efficient interaction between healthcare providers and patients and with the most recent 2.0 platform updates, which include advanced scheduling, rules based workflows and expanded single sign-on capabilities, will further simplify and empower the provider and administrator digital workflow experience.

Since its introduction in 2013, SnapMD’s VCM telemedicine platform has been widely regarded for its fully integrated intuitive interface, providing a robust experience for the patient encounter and a powerful back-end system that enables for truly integrated care delivery. These technology enhancements are a result of direct customer feedback coupled with SnapMD’s ongoing commitment to providing the most comprehensive telemedicine offering in the marketplace today.


Advanced Scheduling Coverage View

With this release, SnapMD announces the availability of its coverage tool, which offers an at-a-glance view of provider coverage for telemedicine visits across the organization and allows for enhanced transparency into staffing and patient service. Resultant of these functionality enhancements, key features of this offering now include:

  • Availability – Allows providers or administrators to define either their own, or any providers (administrators only) availability for the different categories of service offered within the platform. Including what times are available for patients to self-schedule, when they are available for administrators to schedule appointments, and their on-demand availability.
  • Appointments – See a providers schedule including both appointments and availability. Quickly and easily create and manage appointments for a provider.
  • Service Coverage – View how many providers are available for any given service category within the platform at any time, quickly identify and resolve gaps in service coverage, and make sure all of the service hours are appropriately staffed.


Single Sign-On Capabilities for Providers and Physicians

With advanced workflow authentication capabilities, SnapMD is empowering providers with single sign-on access to the platform (in addition to the existing patient side single sign-on feature). This means providers and administrators can now be passed seamlessly from a client’s website or other application directly into the VCM platform, eliminating the often frustrating and time consuming need to re-enter credentials multiple times.

  • Eliminates the need for end users to juggle multiple applications on their desktop.
  • Eliminates staff members having to remember multiple passwords and other authentication credentials.


New Workflows Tool Includes Rules Engine That Allows for Customized System Behavior

SnapMD’s new workflows tool includes an advanced rules engine that allows customers to customize system behaviors.

  • Allows providers to control aspects of the VCM platform, and create rules by just a simple “complete the sentence” logic tool.
  • This first iteration provides control over who is able to register on the platform based on a providers parameters for example, a patient’s home address.
  • Additional rules will be added in the coming months building upon this first iteration providing customers with tremendous flexibility and control over how the platform is used.

In combination, SnapMD’s new VCM enhancements are elevating both the functionality and elegance of the company’s telemedicine platform.

“SnapMD is committed to making ongoing investments to enhance the features and functionalities of our Virtual Care Management platform,” said Dave Skibinski, CEO of SnapMD. “By continuing to develop innovative upgrades like the releases announced today, we are empowering customers with a single intuitive telemedicine interface enabling a robust experience for the patient encounter, and a powerful back-end system that supports truly integrated delivery of care.”


About SnapMD

SnapMD is the Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine software leader, enabling healthcare providers to engage their patients via a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based telemedicine platform. SnapMD’s robust, private-label, VCM application is specifically designed to give healthcare organizations another option to improve access to care by launching virtual care Telehealth services under their brand utilizing their highly qualified, patient-trusted providers. For more information, please visit


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