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SnapMD Expands VCMnexus Developer Program with Accelerated Software Development Kit for Mobile and Web Applications

SnapMD Expands VCMnexus Developer Program with Accelerated Software Development Kit for Mobile and Web Applications

SnapMD’s Open API Platform is Fully Available for Developers to Quickly and Easily Develop Their Own Telehealth Applications 

Los Angeles, CA – February 13, 2017SnapMD, a full-service telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider, today announced the expansion of its innovative VCMnexus Developer Program with the availability of new open-source Software Development Kits (SDK). SnapMD’s SDKs make it easy for developers to quickly build new applications using SnapMD’s source code.

SnapMD’s VCMnexus Developer Program is designed to enable developers to leverage its Virtual Care Management (VCM) technology to build their own integrations and applications quickly and easily. SnapMD’s VCM is a full-service, cloud-based, white-label telemedicine platform that allows healthcare brands to extend care direct to the consumer under their own brand. From its founding, the SnapMD VCM was developed as an enterprise solution with all of the telemedicine capabilities needed by a wide variety of clinical departments, and to be fully integrated with the existing EMR and other systems within a health system. While other platforms were built for a single use case, SnapMD was built to meet the needs of a wide array of clinical service lines.

As health systems continue to expand virtual care options, open APIs present the opportunity to meet Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) demand for unique applications. “HCOs are actively exploring process changes that can drive better care coordination, higher quality, and healthier patients. Many see APIs as a way to extend and improve applications to support the change needed to implement successful new care models,” Chilmark Research, APIs for a Healthcare App Economy: Paths to Market Success, January 2017 survey report.

Through VCMnexus, SnapMD offers a robust set of API and SDK libraries to provide integration with third-party systems or development of complementary applications, enabling access to over 90% of its system functionality. SnapMD’s VCM system consumes its own APIs in order to efficiently interact with the core system, ensuring that these APIs are fully functional at all times. The unique advantage this offers to customers is that when they want to integrate SnapMD with their systems, the existing APIs are ready to be utilized, eliminating the need to develop new ones. As a result, each time the VCM platform or third-party systems have an update, the APIs already account for these changes, reducing the time, expense and opportunities for errors to occur.

“Integration and innovation are essential for digital health to realize its promising future,” said Dave Skibinski, president and CEO of SnapMD. “We believe that collaboration is key to driving the industry forward, and that is why we’ve made 90% of our platform accessible via APIs to developers who have the vision and skill to quickly create next-generation applications. We look forward to working with them to usher in the next chapter in digital health.”

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SnapMD is the Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth software leader, enabling healthcare providers to engage their patients via a comprehensive, secure, HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based telemedicine platform with powerful back-end systems to manage the digital health enterprise. SnapMD offers all the software and services that healthcare providers need to improve access to convenient and effective care. SnapMD’s robust, scalable, private-label VCM platform is designed to handle multiple service-lines, and can be deployed as a single telehealth platform across the enterprise.

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