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Tablets Taking Over Mobile Health

Tablets Taking Over Mobile Health

If you don’t have a tablet, then I suggest you go and get one if you want to be a big leader in the mHealth industry. Studies show that, “more than one-quarter of HIT executives are currently implementing a mobile technology program. Today 80% percent of physicians and 73% of non-physician clinicians use mobile technology to provide at least some patient care – and tablet devices are quickly stealing the top spot as the mhealth platform of choice.” Tablets are also a more economical choice for physicians as the price of them has gone down significantly in recent months.

The main benefit of tablets for in-home care is the instant interaction they provide with patients and their doctors. Patients can enjoy the comfort of their own home while receiving treatment from a doctor many miles away. “Caregivers can record their observations and notes directly onto an electronic platform, which saves times, avoids mistakes, and helps prevent small problems that occur in the home from becoming big problems that send a patient to the hospital.”

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