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Teen Girls Perfect Patients for Hospital’s New Texting Program

Teen Girls Perfect Patients for Hospital’s New Texting Program

Most teenagers today communicate through texting. No longer are they talking on the phone, but now texting, often in code: “k, omg, lol, etc.” Researchers in Providence, Rhode Island decided to connect a girl’s texting ability to a violence-prevention program for at-risk-teenage girls.

Just ask Megan Ranney, M.D., M.P.H., an emergency medicine attending physician at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, who preformed a study, interviewing girls, between the ages of 13 and17, who reported past-year peer violence and depressive symptoms during emergency room visits. “The interviews showed that at-risk teen girls coming to the ER for care are very interested in receiving a text-message violence prevention intervention. The teens felt that a text-message program would enhance their existing coping strategies, and that they would not only use it themselves, but also refer their friends to it.”

Ranney’s new program is just one of the many strides to improve and expand the mHealth world.

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