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Telehealth Improving Satisfaction of Chronic Disease Patients

Telehealth Improving Satisfaction of Chronic Disease Patients

A recent study showed that patients suffering from chronic diseases, such as depression, anxiety, and or hypertension showed significant improvements after receiving Telehealth treatment. The results of the study showed satisfied patients, as well as follows: “While the patient benefits of Telehealth meetings are obvious, since online consults have been shown to cut down on travel time, transportation costs, and work absences or childcare expenses, the healthcare system as a whole may benefit significantly from the integration of online care into the daily workflow. The time savings involved for the clinician – cutting a typical 15 minute patient consult down to 3.5 minutes for the online review – may also represent financial benefit to the beleaguered healthcare system.”

Telehealth and Telemedicine tactics are looked at as more affordable and effective way of helping patients with chronic conditions, especially those who live in rural areas, having little to no access of healthcare.

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