Telemedicine Technology: Changing Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine Technology: Changing Healthcare Delivery

With the rapid expansion in healthcare technology, hospitals around the world are adapting their patient services and healthcare delivery to take full advantage of new devices. “RP-VITA,” a robot that is able to visit patients in a hospital enabling a doctor to remotely obtain a patient’s medical history — it is just one of the many technological advancements assisting doctors in the new global healthcare environment. Created by InTouch Health and iRobot and approved by the FDA, “it has been adopted by about 60 hospitals and makes it possible for doctors to have doctor-to-patient consults without actually being in the same room as the patient.”

Robotic-care and Telemedicine is just the newest healthcare phenomenon. With the aging population comes greater demand by patients for doctors who are often inaccessible. Such new technology provides greater access to healthcare, improving results. InTouch Health reports that over 1000 hospitals around the world take advantage of its telemedicine network.

Not unlike “RP-VITA,” SnapMD allows providers to extend their reach of care by leveraging secure one-on-one live video, audio and text message consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary care and specialty care physicians. SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management telemedicine technology also allows for the management of family members under one account. A registered user can add dependents to his or her account such as children and older parents that may be in an elder care arrangement with their younger adult children.

“One of our value propositions is cost. Robotic-care for example comes with a steep price tag. It is certainly an effective solution in many instances, but from a budget standpoint, it can be overkill for many telemedicine use-cases,” says SnapMD co-founder, George Tierney. “Our solution requires no proprietary hardware and is designed for ease-of-use on both the patient and clinician sides of the experience. All you need is a laptop with a camera, an iPad or smart phone and you can be up and running.”

SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management SaaS solution is a robust cloud based HIPAA and HITECH compliant communications platform developed to enable healthcare providers to directly engage patients remotely in a “virtual care” environment.” To learn more about the SnapMD platform, please visit

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