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Telepsychiatry: The Mental Health Way

Telepsychiatry: The Mental Health Way

Mental health is a growing concern in the United States of America, and particularly the gap between mental health illness and mental health treatment. However, with the new technology constituting Telemedicine, the mental health industry can benefit by saving thousands of dollars a year, especially in the sub-field of Telepsychiatry. “Software Platforms are helping busy professionals overcome the barriers to mental health treatment by providing a safe, private way to connect with doctors and therapists through online video appointments. Executives can schedule an online video appointment, see their doctor face-to-face, and mentally reboot to better manage workplace stresses, emotional strain, and the unique aspects of their mental health. The convenience of Telepsychiatry helps also helps doctors by improving patient retention and compliance, as well as practice productivity.” Bottom line appears to be that while technology can contribute to our workplace stresses and emotional strains, that same technology can facilitate treatment and pathways to mental wellness.

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