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Top Tech Companies Becoming Top Leaders in Digital Health

Top Tech Companies Becoming Top Leaders in Digital Health

Along with Apple and their new product developments, including the supposed “i-watch” with their new platform, “Healthbook,” Samsung, Google, Panasonic, and Intel are now joining the digital health sphere.
Google: Along with the new hit “Google Glass,” Google really does want to help you visualize perfection. “Google announced that they have met with the FDA regarding contact lenses that would serve as a non-invasive glucose monitor.” Not only are they helping your vision, but could Google find a cure to cancer? “Google, together with Bill Gates, invested in Foundation Medicine. The company is working closely with DNA of cancer patients hoping to find some sort of carrier gene that will help isolate the origins of the destructive disease.”

Samsung: “Samsung owns the Samsung Cancer Research Institute where it conducts clinical trials based on cancer in the human genome. They work with software developed by Genalice that allows the human genome to be analyzed in a mere 25 minutes.”
Panasonic: Panasonic knows your genes. “Panasonic has developed a DNA testing chip. At about half the size of a business card, the chip can analyze a person’s DNA within a single hour. It detects a specific elements in the DNA related to genetic diseases and the potential effectiveness of treatments in a given individual.”
Intel: “Intel has helped hospitals set up wireless networking and conduct research. Last year, they partnered with Oregon Health and Science University to conduct cancer research as it relates to the human genome by comparing healthy individuals to cancer patients as a way of detecting the genetic abnormalities that may be connected to the debilitating disease.”
We will see how far these products come and how much of an impact the digital health world will have.
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