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Behavioural Health

Virtual Care Management Use Case
20% of all adult Americans
have been affected by a mental health disorder.
1 in 25 of these adults
are currently suffering.

Behavioral Health: Using Telemedicine to Expand Access to Care, Improve Patient Retention and Compliance, and Enhance Productivity

Mental health is a mounting concern in the U.S. today, as current statistics indicate that roughly 20% of all adult Americans have been affected by a mental health disorder, and that 1 in 25 are currently suffering. As the number of patients with behavioral health issues continues to grow, the number of qualified providers to help them contracts. This imbalance between provider and patient is creating gaps in in treatment, and in many cases, makes it impossible for patients to access care. This problem does not only affect patients seeking clinic-based care, but is particularly acute in today’s emergency departments (ED), where many mental health patients arrive for lack of an alternative. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, an estimated one in eight ED visits involves a patient with a mental health and/or substance use condition, and the average cost per patient is over $2,000. In this setting, patients need timely assessment, and delays in evaluation can cause disruption to ED staff, ambulance crews, and local police departments.