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Discharge Management

Virtual Care Management Use Case

Discharge Management: Preventing 30-Day
Readmission with Telemedicine

A top challenge for U.S. hospitals is preventing patient readmission. With the shift to value-based care focused on quality rather than quantity, the landscape for how healthcare is delivered and how outcomes are managed has changed significantly.

In recent years, this shift has affected Medicare reimbursement for hospitals. The new measures of conditions and procedures are designed to make a significant difference in the lives of a number of people on Medicare. Specifically, this includes all-cause unplanned readmissions that happen within 30 days of discharge from the initial admission, as well as patients who are readmitted to the same hospital, or another applicable acute care hospital for any reason. To ensure effective treatment and follow-up care to prevent 30-day readmission, hospitals are now relying on healthcare information technologies.