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Remote Patient Monitoring

Virtual Care Management Use Case

Optimizing Remote Patient Monitoring
via Telemedicine Integration

The world of connected health is revolutionizing the monitoring of patients with advanced disease, especially those who are most fragile. Through the power of digital health technologies, we are now able to collect patient data and electronically transmit information to healthcare providers as part of a health status monitoring program. Making this all possible is Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) utilized to monitor a patient’s ongoing status, and using sophisticated algorithms, to notify providers as a patient’s data may indicate a decline in health status across numerous disease states, and, ultimately, save lives.

RPM platforms put real-time health information at the provider’s fingertips. Through SnapMD’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) software platform, patients can be engaged for timely assessment of their condition, with adjustments to treatment plans implemented or patient education conducted based upon patient need. This patient-centered care approach through virtual visits and RPM is allowing hospitals and health systems to realize the goals of value-based healthcare for enhanced patient experience, improved population health, and reduced care costs.