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Specialty Consultations

Virtual Care Management Use Case
RURAL AREAS 39.8 physicians per 100,000 people


URBAN AREAS 53.3 physicians per 100,000 people

Specialty Consultations to the Emergency Department: Using
Telemedicine for Improved, Timely Access to Care and Assessment
for Stroke, Cardiac Episodes and Psychological Evaluations

In the emergency department, minutes — even seconds — can make the difference between life and death. Health emergencies and urgent care scenarios require timely access to care and assessment from the health professionals who are best suited to treat the patient. When a person is having a stroke, cardiac episode, or is in need of a psychological evaluation, for example, emergency department staff often require consultations with specialists — such as neurologists, cardiologists or psychiatrists — to ensure patients are assessed quickly and given the appropriate diagnosis and corresponding treatment. When these specialists are not readily available however, assessment and care is often delayed, which can result in dangerous outcomes for the patient.