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Wall-Street Journal Trending Telemedicine

Wall-Street Journal Trending Telemedicine

Today’s “Market Watch” in The Wall Street Journal, featured the popular trending topic, “Telemedicine.” In Jonnelle Marte’s, “The Doctor Will FaceTime You Now,” the author notes that the use of Telemedicine was growing, and can be expected to be even more popular as the number of insured patients increases. So far in the U.S., twenty states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation which require some private health insurance companies to cover Telemedicine visits. Here’s how a typical Telemedicine visit works: “Doctors, who either talk to patients over the phone or through a video chat, base their diagnosis on a patient’s medical history and the way they describe their symptoms. Some doctors order lab tests or ask patients to send pictures, say of a rash or their tonsils, if they need more information.” The obvious benefits to patients are decreased costs and avoiding time in a waiting room. While there are concerns about misdiagnoses, advocates of Telemedicine assert that such remote consultations simply supplement the ongoing doctor/patient relationship.

To see more of today’s article, including a map detailing which states cover Telemedicine insurance, visit:

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