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Wellness on the Factory Floor

Wellness on the Factory Floor

Golden Flake’s potato chip factory provides the setting for Baptist Health Systems to present a practicum in employee wellness.

Baptist Health SystemsBe Well program offers a multi-prong approach to employee wellness, including innovative options such as on-site primary care via a rolling health care RV.

A number of Alabama employers, including Birmingham-based Golden Flake Snack Foods, have found the Be Well program helpful not only in keeping workers healthier but also in increasing job satisfaction. Baptist, one of the state’s largest employers, and its nearly 4,700 employees and affiliated physicians are benefitting from the Be Well program as well.

Baptist Health Systems Includes Telehealth Program Powered by SnapMD Technology

“Employers may also take advantage of another primary care program — Be Well On Call, a web-based video chat service that allows employees to have video visits with Baptist doctors, dietitians, diabetes educators, pharmacists and other health care professionals. “We are continuing to develop and refine innovative programs that provide employers and employees with better health care access and solutions.” – Dr. Anne-Laura Cook, Medical Director for Population Health Management and Primary Care Innovation Baptist Health Systems.

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