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Will Apple iWatch redefine mHealth?

Will Apple iWatch redefine mHealth?

Apple just released its latest round of products and seems to be jumping feet first into the healthcare field with the Apple iWatch. Is this an advancement for the digital health field, or just a new, fun gizmo for the tech junkie?

It is undeniable that, the new Apple Watch has some existing mobile healthcare companies worried.

When paired with an iPhone the watch offers an integrated health monitoring and tracking experience — with heart rate monitoring, step and calorie counting.

“Apple Watch is the most personal device ever created,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, predicting it “will redefine what people expect from a watch,”

The watch starts at $349, and will with work both new iPhones and the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s.

The determining factor as to Apple Watch’s effect on the mHealth marketplace, will be to see how far Apple pushes app development for clinical side.

To that end, Apple has already partnered with IBM and EHR maker Epic for an app Epic named Haiku, which gives doctors access to patient records.

Time will tell, but Apple’s initial push for mHealth marketshare is on.